Re: [Gimp-developer] Participation at Apple Developer Program

I voted yes -

But I also think we could ask Apple for a direct sponsorship for the
project  (obviously, not limited to this amount - maybe 100 times as
much is a reasonable value,
given the value made available gratis for all Mac OS users.)

Do we create another pool on that? Or can we figure out someone to
volunteer and contact them?

On 26 March 2018 at 13:08, Ofnuts <ofnuts gmx com> wrote:
On 03/26/18 00:45, alexandre prokoudine gmail com wrote:

I've invited you to fill out the following form:
Participation at Apple Developer Program

To fill it out, visit:;w=1&amp;usp=mail_form_link


We&#39;d like to know opinions of all developers and contributors of GIMP,
but not everyone is on IRC. Please vote :)

P.S. Collecting emails in this form is disabled. It&#39;s safe to vote.


Did we try to get in touch with Apple developer relations and see if they
would give us a rebate or even complete waive the fee? That would be good PR
for them...

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