Re: [Gimp-developer] Mandatory Use of GIMP?

As a designer who uses the latest development builds of GIMP every day in
production, and also the latest Krita, I can confirm there is no such code
in GIMP, nor in the 9 or so years in which I have used GIMP have I
encountered any of the issues described. I've always gotten GIMP from and from official development repositories. Do be careful where
you get your GIMP!


On Tue, 24 Apr 2018, 23:04 Simon Budig, <simon budig de> wrote:

Hi Andrew.

Andrew Keene (amkeen3 outlook com) wrote:
Are you aware of any hacktivists involved with your development who
might use Denial of Service attacks against open source competitors?
You software is pretty good for a free open source image editing
program, but I have on several instances had the following experience:

  1.  Sometimes, after installing GIMP, my system acts as if it has
  been hacked and I have to reinstall everything.
  2.  On several instances, I have found that sites like
  become unavailable when I attempt to download their software.

Is it possible that some worthless, petty piece of shit is
manipulating your very generous contribution to the world to further
an agenda of sociopathy? Do you thoroughly vet contributors for their
totalitarian goals?

We are unaware of any activity in this direction and we are certain that
the binaries distributed by us ( don't contain anything that
targets competitor products.

That having said we have seen instances where gimp downloads from other
sites were tainted with code not approved by us, hampering the user
experience of the victim. If you've downloaded Gimp from any source and
find it containing stuff you think that shouldn't be there, then we'd
like to know about this including the site you've downloaded GIMP from,
so that we can actually issue a specific warning.

And for the records: we - speaking for the gimp development team here -
are perfectly happy with people choosing their tool according to their
tastes, we're perfectly fine if someone prefers Photoshop, Krita or
anything else over GIMP.

              simon budig de    
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