[Gimp-developer] Mandatory Use of GIMP?

Are you aware of any hacktivists involved with your development who might use Denial of Service attacks 
against open source competitors? You software is pretty good for a free open source image editing program, 
but I have on several instances had the following experience:

  1.  Sometimes, after installing GIMP, my system acts as if it has been hacked and I have to reinstall 
  2.  On several instances, I have found that sites like Krita.org become unavailable when I attempt to 
download their software.

Is it possible that some worthless, petty piece of shit is manipulating your very generous contribution to 
the world to further an agenda of sociopathy? Do you thoroughly vet contributors for their  totalitarian 

I have always felt that open source projects like yours offer an absolutely incredible case of leading by 
example. Like paying it forward. You have managed to put together a project that inspires people to spread 
decency by personal motivation instead of at the point of a gun like most, "sharing," or communism-based 
socioeconomic policies. That's a great achievement, unless corrupt little shitbags turn things into a Berlin 
wall kind of thing. Cause nobody likes that. And it never works. And the 1% jackholes just end up climbing 
governmental ladders instead of corporate ladders and then there's no check on their power, so they end up 
doing really insane interpersonal ideological things like banning the use of saxophones in music because the 
saxophone was invented by a Belgian person, and Belgium (the nation) was not too nice to people in Brazil or 
something. Another sign of totalitarian insanity is banning the use of a font, like Times New Roman. Or 
labeling people trans-phobic because they live 1 mile inside of the boundary of North Carolina, or even 
contemplate moving to North Carolina, because as we all know, once you cross the boundary into the state of 
North Carolina, you instantly adopt the same positions about things that news outlets say people from that 
area hold. It's nearly as sane as deciding to use straight lines drawn across regions of the Mideast to 
identify nations, like those that define the sameness of people in areas like Syria or Afghanistan, and 
expecting internal tranquility. Thanks early 1900s United Kingdom. Everyone loved the British Empire. They 
abolished slavery long before the US, proving their moral superiority. Just ask Jamaicans about life in 1960s 
Jamaica. Natty.

PS: Your logo looks like a design I did while employed at a company in San Diego! Cool.

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