[Gimp-developer] Dialog for scaling indeed images, (was Re: request)

On Fri, Jun 23, 2017 at 2:14 PM, Bert de Jong <bert elicom nl> wrote:
I think it's customary for GIMP to warn when operations initiated by
the user will be performed slightly different than the user might
An example is when scaling indexed images.
It then says: "Indexed color layers are always scaled without
interpolation. The chosen interpolation type will affect channels and
layer masks only."

This warning still being present in master was a bug. Scaling; along
with gaussian blur, unsharp mask, rotation, flattened down text layers
and more ops, now treat indexed mode in such a way that if the palette
contains relevant entries for desired in-between colors the scaling
code in GEGL, and thus GIMP uses them.

The warnings is now gone in master, to get the old result - of course
nearest neighbour can be chosen manually :).

With greetings Øyvind Kolås


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