[Gimp-developer] plugin development on a mac


I'd like to do some plugin development and have been trying to get set up
to do this on a mac.  This has been difficult.  From what I've been able to
gather you have to build from source in order to develop a plugin, because
you need access to gimptool, and that's not available in the typical app
bundles that are distributed for mac.  Gimp obviously has a lot of
dependencies so I was hoping to use a package manager, like brew, to
install at least those (brew doesn't install gimp from source, it uses the
"cask" feature to just install the ".app").  I used brew to install quite a
few of the dependencies but there are issues now where the "configure"
script for gimp doesn't think that gtk+ and pango are installed (even
though they were installed by brew).

I think macports does allow you to build/install gimp from source with one
command. I don't want to revert to using macports because I prefer brew,
but will if absolutely necessary.

I'm emailing the list to ask: is there anyone else building plugins on a
mac?  Did you have issues getting set up?  Is there really no way to build
plugins other than by building all of gimp from source?


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