Re: [Gimp-developer] Wilber Logo

Also, if you mean the docs folder in a gimp install, that svg actually
HAS been there (unchanged) forever. :)
I think round-about no one would find this version satisfying anymore...

The construction kit has a slightly more modern version, but it's
still a far cry from the one on the splash in gimp 2.8.
Would someone like me to patch this kit with the new stuff?

There are closer svgs in the icons folders, however the only actual
graphic of the latest official gimp logo is a png. This is the png I
used the make my svg version a few years back.

Let me know if it would be useful to update these as well.


On Mon, Jan 30, 2017 at 6:52 AM, C R <cajhne gmail com> wrote:

If you look in the source (docs) you will find the wilber construction kit
as well as an svg. Been there forever

Think that falls under that "lost in the a git archive somewhere" thing I
said earlier...
What I'm saying is if the project wants it to be available to users, it
should be on the website as well where normal users can find it along with
information on how to use it (maybe a link to Inkscape would be useful as


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