Re: [Gimp-developer] Wilber Logo

Riley Tallman (rptallman gmail com) wrote:
I would like to design t-shirts with the Wilber logo and commercially sell
those shirts online. I have not made the designs yet because I wanted to
make sure that I have the right permission and legal ability to do so.

The design will have nothing other than a modified version of the Wilber
logo, and perhaps the text "GIMP".

Let me know how to proceed,

You seem to have interpreted C R's mail as a permission. Note that he is
not in a position to give that permission (and did not even claim to in
his mail).

A big chunk of the Gimp Team is currently sitting together and we will
discuss your request. Note that we'll probably ask for the actual
designs you want to put on the shirts and also want to know about your
plan to contribute back to the community. Maybe you can elaborate on
that a bit.


              simon budig de    

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