Re: [Gimp-developer] missing babl fast path and lt-gimp-2.9 segfault

Am Donnerstag, 10. August 2017, 14:45:57 CEST schrieb Ell via gimp-developer-
On 08/09/2017 07:31 AM, richard brown wrote:
But, I checked 'Preferences' and I was running 4 threads, and there's a
warning there about instability.  So, I tried putting that to 1, and, so
far, no crash.

Hi!  We're trying to track down (and fix) as many threading related bugs
as we can.  They're especially sneaky, so reporting these bugs helps us
greatly.  Could you please file a bug report, explaining what you did to
trigger the crash?  A backtrace at the point of the crash would also be
very helpful: when you run gimp under gdb, type "bt" once gimp crashes,
and include the output in the bug report.

To make the backtrace even more useful you can use these commands in gdb once 
GIMP crashed (just copy&paste them over):

set pagination off
set logging file gdb.txt
set logging on
echo \n=========\n\n
info threads
echo \n=========\n
thread apply all bt full

the result will be in the file "gdb.txt".

Thanks :)



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