Re: [Gimp-developer] [FYI] Filter layer implementation in gimp-2.8+

On Mon, Aug 7, 2017 at 8:09 PM, sigetch wrote:

As for road-map, it depends on the project's development policy.
Personally, I think "non-destructive" and "filter layer" is not the same
thing, because painting tool, transform tool, or other functions also have
to be "non-destructive" at gimp 3.2.

To the best of my knowledge, we haven't actually discussed how much
exactly would be done in 3.2. We know we want some sort of adjustment
layers for sure.

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- Filter should be layer ? or attributes of the layer? I chose filter as
layer design. GimpFilterStack seems to choose latter one.

IMO, both layer filters and filter layers have their use.

Also, to quote mitch from today's IRC discussion:

"it's a medium joke to implement "adjustment layers" is the generally
used term... in fact a layer *is* a filter on the stack below, just
need to replace gegl:buffer-source by another op, in simple terms"

-  What kind of filter functions should be applied. In my work, PDB or
plug-in function is applied. Alternative candidates is to use Gegl
operations for filter.

GEGL filters are the way to go :)

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- What kind of GUI should be provided for filter configuration? PDB
functions have good configuration dialog, but it is hard to use that kind
of dialog from outside of PDB process.

GEGL filters can have either automatically generated or custom UIs.
There even is some metadata to help build more sensible UIs, from
using custom widgets instead of regular spinboxes to "adaptive"
layouts. E.g.: (available in upcoming


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