Re: [Gimp-developer] [FYI] Filter layer implementation in gimp-2.8+


I've been wondering when you'd announce that :)

As is usual with your fork, it's impressive work. I definitely like
some of the implementation specifics, although I can see that certain
things could be improved (I can elaborate on that, if you wish).

Unfortunately, this cannot be backported to mainstream GIMP 'as is'.
Off top of my head:

- It's based on GIMP 2.8 that uses obsolete tech.
- Your implementation doesn't use the "new" GimpFilterStack class
(available in git master since 2013) for stacking filters on a layer.
- XCF version in upstream's git master is already 10 now, while you
use v4, so that would make mainstream GIMP and your fork (even more?)

Personally, I'm not sure what is the best approach here.

On one hand, this is something users have been requesting for ages,
and I can already here crowds screaming, how dare I criticize your
work :)). On the other hand, certain changes would need to happen for
this to be merged. On yet another hand, I don't know how this will
play with proposed release order where non-destructive editing is
scheduled for 3.2.

More opinions, please?


On Mon, Aug 7, 2017 at 5:13 PM, sigetch <sigetch gmail com> wrote:
Hello all,
I recently added filter layer (or adjustment layer in other words) in my
gimp-painter 2.8 branch. You can see how it works at following demo movie.

If you are interested in filter layer, please visit to see details.

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