Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP development- What's the point?

Yes, I always ask, because more often than not, it's just something small
that's got them stuck. This particular user had tried GIMP, and "found it
hard to use". I couldn't get any more clarification, as it was apparently
"several years ago" that they had tried to use GIMP and had "forgotten the
specifics". I give these folks the show to serve as motivation to try GIMP
again. He may return with questions, which I'm always more than happy to

 GIMP will never be as easy to use as Instagram. :)

Comments I've gotten from pro users that can be addressed directly by
interested developers:
1. Can't see what's being transformed because the guides get in the way. (I
tell them to turn guides to "none")
2. Can't see what's under what's being transformed because the
non-transformed layer stays under the transformation preview ( I tell them
to hide the layer that's being transformed, so they can see what they are
doing in relation to what's under it. Then un-hide the layer once the
transformation is complete)
3. Doesn't "handle CMYK" (I point them towards work-arounds like using
other applications to convert (no one I've talked to liked separate++ as a
solution to that one, unfortunately. :) )
4. The text layer doesn't stay as vector/editable text when you transform
it. (A known limitation of the current text tool implementation, I tell
them to try Inkscape or Scribus for text layout.)

My solutions to the above workflow bottlenecks:
1. Set the default for guides to "none". I've never found one situation
where they helped what I was doing, and they persistently get in the way
unless I turn them off.
2. Hide the layer that's being transformed while the transformation is in
progress, such that you can see the transformation preview in relation to
the rest of the image behind it.
3. Just toss in something that exports to a CMYK tiff using separate++. I
know this is not a cleam solution, but I doubt anyone would notice. Most
designers I've discussed this with are unaware of the difficulties, and are
happy to go with whatever the defaults are on Photoshop. It would be the
same for GIMP, I believe.
4. Text tool needs a lot of love, but that's not really news to anyone, I
think. :)

I would be happy to work directly with anyone who wants to tackle these, or
any other issues. :)

Thanks again for all the work!

On Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 3:50 PM, Kevin Payne <paynekj hotmail com> wrote:

At the last meet I was showing off GIMP, as I often do when asked "what do
you do?" There's the usual ooohing and ahhing as I show what GIMP allows
to do easily as a designer.

This time, I got a strange comment from a new visitor to our group. He
"GIMP development? What's the point of that?" in a rather sarcastic tone.


The question: "What's the point?" is a curious one.
As a developer in the project, what are your reasons for working on GIMP?
What are your motivations? What do you enjoy most about it?

You made some assumptions about what might have prompted such a question
BUT did you actually ask them why they felt it necessary to ask? I'm sure
it would be useful to know the basis for such an opinion,  which could then
be addressed directly.


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