Re: [Gimp-developer] Windows builds using MSYS2

I have a build working from latest master with Msys2, and I'm in progress of making notes to how to do it. Still haven't got python working ok as running Gimp gives me "Failed to execute child process (No such file or directory)" errors on every py script when launching, but I'll post my notes so far..

Hopefully that helps.
(and I'm using WIn10, 64bit)

On 9.5.2016 13:03, Barney Holmes wrote:

I've also been working on building Gimp for Windows simply because for one reason or another I have Windows 
on my main, faster machine, and I've wanted to get some of the latest bug fixes. I also wanted to fix -

I tried the Linux cross compile using the wiki Mingw64 instructions. I was trying to retrieve the prebuilt 
library RPM's from, I think it's OpenSUSE, but that seems to be outdated. Now I have Code::Blocks setup to 
cross compile with MinGW-w64, I’ll try building those dependencies.

I'm investigating MSYS2. It looks like a good project and a lot of other projects seem to use it to provide 
releases for Windows, but its a slow to compile even with multiple threads set.  Some of those projects may 
use Python so they might be able to help with Python for Gimp.

I attach my current "autogen" and "make" outputs. I am building with most extras disabled as I just want to 
iron out the build process first.

Are you building from the main branch ?

Do you get a successful build with Python disabled ?


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