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;) indeed funny problem ...

I remember the time when Adobe Photoshop was not better than Corel
Photopaint and Illustrator was way below Corel Draw (around Corel Suite 6)
- then companring the perfect logic (and very flexible) GUI from Corel
Suite (not to mention general app. settings full of option versus
Photoshop), yes Photoshop  and Illustrator looks very user unfriendly in
terms of GUI.

About  "user friendly" GIMP >> well any software has it's own visual logic.
For use a program like GIMP, users will have to adapt or they will leave.
Is so simple. The most important thing is the whole set of features. Coming
from Photopaint, Draw, Adobe - I've adapted myself  to GIMP in 2 or 3
days,I think that "user friendly" is a false problem  May be a problem of
that user which  can't adapt to a GUI with  icons for on-screen-tools and a
menu with quite clear descriptive names of functions / features.

So where is in fact the "unfriendly user friendly" problem ? ..

btw: garbageware sounds funny too  >>  in one of my trips in China ,, some
friends from a partner company (Shenzhen Lady Commodity) asked me to help
them with a poster for a factory ..5.50m / 3.50m. The only computer
available was a dual core duo with 4gb or RAM and a video card ATI Radeon
HD 5570 with 1GB DDR3 ..believe me or not, Photoshop under Windows crashed
constantly yelling about the lack of memory, same for Illustrator. The only
solution was to install Ubuntu on a new harddrive and all was done with
GIMP ...slowly for each image operation, but at least no crashes - the
final file was about 2GB.

Many young padawans will trow words against GIMP until the end of time so
we will love to read such amusing discussions for some time from now ..

2 beers or not to beer ? - this is the real question.

2016-03-30 21:10 GMT+03:00 C R <cajhne gmail com>:

I decided against sugarcoating for a reason: this is exactly what
unhappy users tell us. Verbatim.

That seems more like a reason NOT to put it on the site. ;)

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