Re: [Gimp-developer] re. suggestions

To C.R.:  I think your proposed change to the download page (adding"93 MB"
just above the download button for GIMP for Windows) is easy, simple, and
clear.  I recommend it highly!

We used to list the file size on the download buttons. Apparently the
feature didn't get added to the new web layout (which is much better than
our old one in almost every way possible) I'm sure it's just an oversight.

To Alex:  What do I suggest you do about it?  I thought that the features
of the latest version of Photoshop could be listed and tried, and any
features that anyone likes in any other programs, as well as original
ideas, and that GIMP could be presented so that even the relatively
inexperienced (like me!) could easily and quickly understand that those
useful features are available, what they are, and how to find and
conveniently use them.

Where on the Adobe website does it list the features of Photoshop compared
to GIMP?
GIMP is not made to be competition with Photoshop, and conversely,
Photoshop is not made to be in competition with GIMP. They are both highly
sophisticated image editors, but they are different programs. They are
simply built for similar purposes.This is why you will not see a
feature-comparison done on either website.

Since you are new to both programs, I recommend GIMP. The time you would
spend learning Photoshop is about the same as the time it takes to learn

For your effort, get these advantages:
1. You get a software application that will dutifully serve your
photo-editing needs, for free, for both professional and hobbyist uses
without limitation.
2. You get free updates, and will never have to pay any money for GIMP.
3. You will never be bothered by license keys that run out, or other
software imposed DRM protection that gets in the way of your work.
4. You will be able to work on any Desktop OS you choose, be it Linux, Mac,
or Windows, giving you the freedom to choose your working environment and
take your tools with you if you decide to switch.
5. You will have a program that you can modify and re-program for your own
needs when you become an advanced user.
6. You can teach and learn graphic design, and photo editing without
requiring your student(s) or teacher(s) to buy and install locked-down and
expensive proprietary software, or buy software subscriptions.
7. You can participate in a friendly and helpful community that spans many
FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) application projects. Many of whom
will seem like family after a while. :)
8. You will produce graphics in a construction format (.xcf) that can be
given to and edited by anyone using GIMP, for free.
9. You can get live help with your problems on irc channels, and mailing
lists, and get to speak to the developers and other contributors to the

 Additionally, there are numerous forums all over the internet full of
happy GIMP users, and tons of books, manuals, and videos devoted to doing
everything you would like to (both novice and professional) using GIMP.

So, welcome to the community. :)
I recommend starting here:

Good luck, and if you have questions, feel free to message me directly.
I'll point you in the right direction.

I wasn't specific because I certainly don't know everything about either
well-known program!  I've found a 653-page GIMP user manual, which took
forever to download on this borrowed old Mac laptop.  I was in too much of
a hurry to read more than about a page of it.  I couldn't find a link that
would allow me to copy and save the manual file so I might be able to look
at it later, after I have to return the laptop and when I can't get an
Internet connection. (Since the laptop got wet (before I borrowed it), the
screen and image files appear
 in very startling and frequently changing colors!  This makes it even
more of a challenge to get good results from image editing very quickly.)
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