Re: [Gimp-developer] State of Libre Graphics Union 2016 - call for Slides

Note that a video creates much more of an impact and allows us to show
GIMP's new eyecandy.

If interested please provide a complete list of features to highlight.

What timeframe exactly are we talking about? Everything since last LGM?

I think it's probably worth including anything eye-catching that will get
people excited about downloading the latest release of GIMP. The cutoff is
whatever you want to feature, and whichever download off the website you
would like to point people at to try the latest toys in GIMP.

If you want to show something that was in the last LGM slides, that's fine
too. We can mix it in.
I'll need a list this weekend if you want a video though, to ensure I have
enough time to do it up properly.
It's a substantial amount of work. :)


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