Re: [Gimp-developer] Pencil - Tool Options and Hardness

I admit that I don't care at all who "we" includes. Substitute with
"interested parties". I'm well aware that even great ideas might never get
priority. There are no promises, no guarantees. Right now "we" includes
just who is here. If we are not allowed to discuss what we, might do or
might want to do in the future, then I've missed the point entirely.
On 22 Jun 2016 8:31 pm, "Tobias Ellinghaus" <houz gmx de> wrote:

On Wednesday 22 June 2016 18:28:45 C R wrote:


Already answered this before. "We" is the community. The community is
of everyone involved in the GIMP project who can act to improve it. So if
we as a community decide it's worth changing, then we can change it. I
mean, that's usually the point the point of the developer mailing list,

There seems to be a misunderstanding of how this software works. The
"community" (whoever that might include) can decide whatever it wants, but
this is not a democracy, so the real decision is made by others. Mostly
Who seems to stay away from all the bike shedding on this list more and


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