Re: [Gimp-developer] New Image/Color Management option

El vie, 20-05-2016 a las 14:37 -0400, Jason van Gumster escribió:
Elle Stone <ellestone ninedegreesbelow com> wrote:

I can't think of a single use case for trying to edit a non-color-
image in an ICC profile color-managed editing application such as

I think I can think of one: creating displacement/bump maps (often
used as
textures in 3D graphics). Often in that case, pixel values aren't
treated as
color, but a numeric non-color data (i.e. it's an instruction to
geometry---or other pixels---by this numeric mapping value).

But perhaps the artists that create these maps are not covered in the
specified in GIMP's vision statement.


If pixel values aren't supposed to be treated as color, then they
shouldn't go through any color operation.
I mean, no operation should turn your RGB data to XYZ, LCH or whatever.
In GIMP, GEGL operations decide when that happens, so your pixels are
likely to be treated like color anyway and the no-color management
option in this case wouldn't make any difference.

As Alex mentioned, the artists who create those maps are not
necessarily excluded from the target audience, but GIMP doesn't provide
the tools for editing such maps, and it will always treat them as sRGB
(which means that CM on or off won't make any difference).


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