Re: [Gimp-developer] Plugins to improve UI

From: Alexandre Prokoudine <alexandre prokoudine gmail com>
Glad to hear that you want to step up and make a change. However, I'd
like t know: what is the reason you don't want to work on GIMP itself?

I wanted something easily to build, distribute and host.  I would also have thought it's faster to test and 
build.  And finally, to lazily avoid digging too deep in the source code for a first modification (it's quite 
a pain to browse without an IDE that allow to jump to the definition/declaration of a symbol and it's hard to 
find an IDE that can parse the project tree with autotools, the vim ctag combination drives me nuts so much 
it's not friendly to configure and use)  

If you intend to add context-sensitive right-click menu, I would
humbly suggest to work on GIMP code rather than invent cunning ways to
do that with plugins.

All right, I'll try to figure out how to hack the code and fork it.  I'll get down to it and try to have a 
friendly ctag file to work with.

Thank you !

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