[Gimp-developer] Plugins to improve UI

Hello, I'm intending to build plugins to improve gimp's UI in various ways and get around the source code.  
Most notably, I want to change the right click menu.  To that end, I wish to have two behaviors non-standard 
with plugins.

1. Have the UI improvement called at each creation of a display.
2. Receive a pointer to that display.

For 1, I don't know how to do that.  The plug-ins feel like they have been designed solely to make filter 
For 2, I guess I have to add a GimpParamDef "display" with type GIMP_PDB_DISPLAY, but the documentation is 
sparse on the topic, and I cannot manage to receive one when trying out the plugin.  I have for now added
In the list of parameters to give to `gimp_install_procedure` in `query`, but the pointer given as a 
`GimpParam` in the `run` function of the plug-in is 0.  I'm using gimp 2.9 (git/master).

Thank anyone that can help me,

Nicolas Brack

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