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On Sun, Feb 14, 2016 at 6:33 PM, Elle Stone <ellestone ninedegreesbelow com>

On 02/14/2016 03:56 PM, Sven Claussner wrote:


@Elle: you are speaking here of the JCH color model (or space) and
on your website [1] that JAB and JCH have outdated LAB and LCH
(which are often considered the high end image editing color
Searching a while for more information about JCH I found only very few
information, even not on other color management and FOSS graphics devel
mailing lists. Only on the PXLab website [2] I see a short description:

JCH:=The CIE Color Appearance Model (1997) with viewing and scene
to be defined separately.

I'm failing to understand all its implications.
Can you tell us more about JCH and JAB and why you consider it to
be a good choice, please? What about LAB and LCH then?

I can't tell you very much about JCH/JAB because I'm still trying to
figure it all out myself.

You might try plowing your way through this PDF:

This page has links to some equations:

This page briefly talks about color appearance models in more
down-to-earth terms:

An internet search on terms like Color appearance model, Mark Fairchild,
and CIECAM02 will turn up a lot of material. None of it is easy reading.

LAB answers the question "how far apart do colors have to be before the
average human observer will say 'those are different colors'". The "home"
of LAB was for use with quality control for colors in textiles, printing,
and such. LAB wasn't designed to be used as a color space for editing, but
it works pretty well for a lot of different editing tasks.

A full understanding of LAB would require understanding the kinds of
experiments that were done to map out "when is color X different enough
from color Y to be seen as visually different?" I have no idea what kind of
experiments were done or how the mathematical model was constructed from
the experimental results. But the resulting equations to convert from XYZ
to LAB and then LCH are pretty straightforward.

Color appearance models are designed to answer a very different and much
more complicated set of questions. They try to answer questions like "How
to describe colors?", "Why does the appearance of one color change when
juxtaposed next to another color?", and "Why does a surface look the same
color even when the light shining on it changes drastically (for example
from bright daylight to deep shade or to tungsten lighting, or even in the
shadow side of an object)?".

These are complicated questions, being answered using complicated research
and complicated resulting models described by complicated sets of
equations. Also color appearance models are a very active area of ongoing
research, so what's considered really good today might be superceded

My reasons for suggesting that for use in GIMP (1)LAB/LCH is good and
(2)JAB/JCH is probably better are so simplistic that you'll all just laugh:

1. Bruce MacEvoy's website on watercolor pigments switched
from using LCH to using JCH to give paint pigment colors, and I respect
Bruce MacEvoy as an authority on giving useable values for paint pigments:,

2. Mark Fairchild seems to think CIECAM02 is a pretty good color apperance
model, though again this is a field of active research, and much of what
Mark Fairchild writes goes right over my head.

3. ArgyllCMS and LCMS already incorporate the equations for JAB/JCH in
their code, as does RawTherapee, so it has to be not too difficult to code
up for GIMP. But my (very limited) efforts to make sense of the
ArgyllCMS/LCM/RT code have so far been unsuccessful.

I find the LCH blend modes, color picker, and Hue-Chroma tool to be
incredibly useful. The few people who've written to me about using my
patched GIMP seem very enthusiastic.

JCH apparently is more accurate than LCH for describing colors. I'm not
sure how much difference the "more accurate" would make in the digital
darkroom. It would be nice to be able to give JCH a try, but in the
meantime I can't imagine going back to editing without LCH.

Does somebody else here know more about it?

No doubt even my short description above needs a lot of corrections!

Thank you in advance




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