Re: [Gimp-developer] Adding better LCH support to GIMP 2.10


@Elle: you are speaking here of the JCH color model (or space) and mentioned
on your website [1] that JAB and JCH have outdated LAB and LCH
(which are often considered the high end image editing color
Searching a while for more information about JCH I found only very few
information, even not on other color management and FOSS graphics devel
mailing lists. Only on the PXLab website [2] I see a short description:

JCH:=The CIE Color Appearance Model (1997) with viewing and scene conditions
to be defined separately.

I'm failing to understand all its implications.
Can you tell us more about JCH and JAB and why you consider it to
be a good choice, please? What about LAB and LCH then?
Does somebody else here know more about it?

Thank you in advance




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