Re: [Gimp-developer] [darktable-dev] Darktable plug-in in GIMP - Darktable for Windows?

On 04/25/2016 07:12 PM, Tobias Ellinghaus wrote:
Am Montag, 25. April 2016, 17:16:03 schrieb Elle Stone:


Raw files opened from GIMP still aren't being opened in darktable.
Instead it looks like the embedded jpeg is opened in GIMP. I'm clueless
what I might be doing wrong but I'll try again tomorrow with a
completely fresh build.

darktable needs to be built with Lua and EXR support. You can check for those
  - running "darktable --version", it will tell about Lua
  - look in the dropdown with the available formats in darktable's export
module, does it list OpenEXR?

In darktable's export module, OpenEXR is an option, and when run as a standalone, darktable does export OpenEXR images that GIMP can open:

magic match 4 on file-exr-load
best magic match on file-exr-load

It looks like darktable (installed though Gentoo portage) is not installed with Lua support:

$ darktable --version
this is darktable 2.0.3
copyright (c) 2009-2015 johannes hanika
darktable-dev lists darktable org

compile options:
  normal build
  OpenMP support enabled
  OpenCL support disabled
  Lua support disabled
  Colord support disabled
  gPhoto2 support enabled
  GraphicsMagick support enabled

It's not clear to me why Lua support is disabled. I do have Lua installed:
$ equery list '*lua*'
[IP-] [ ] dev-lang/lua-5.1.5-r3:0

There is no Gentoo use flag for darktable that allows to disable Lua support, and during ./, GEGL does list Lua as available and configured.


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