Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP Open problem on Mac


On  12.4.2016 at 11:46 PM Mkirst wrote:
When I attempt to run GIMP, I receive an error from the “gatekeeper” because GIMP is not from the MAC App 
Store or from a known developer.
I am hoping there is a work-around for this or that this will be resolved in an upcoming release.
Right click on GIMP, select 'Open' and confirm the warning that this
software is not from a known developer with an Apple ID.
I can advice this only for downloads from our website
because this is the only download site we have control over.
We are free people offering free software and decided not to pay Apple
every year for getting less control over our deployment process.

I am deeply involved in photography and in need of a serious “darkroom” application for processing the photos 
I take.
Many of us are involved into photography, too.
For quicker mass photo processing you might also consider using the
raw processor darktable (see, which is specialized
for this job. And there's the website where you can get
more information and discuss free/open source photography.
Anyway, you're welcome to use GIMP.



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