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I will say that it would be nice to have a recommended hardware to run
GIMP.  I know this is Free and Open Source Software and you can pretty much
run it one anything as well as we are not Photoshop and are not worried
about sails and making sure that the customer is running the best hardware
to run GIMP on.  But GIMP is getting bigger, more complicated, able to
perform harder tasks and therefore does have hardware requirements. I was
on a old netbook testing out my theme I was making to make sure it worked
OK in Windows, and just changing the theme was a nightmare. I have been on
other computers that were a bit nicer trying to do other things and GIMP
was running sluggish. I don't think that GIMP has to be a conservative as
Photoshop and recommend at least two/three year old hardware. But there is
a logical limit to the hardware people can run and still use GIMP
relatively smoothly.  Maybe there could be a note saying something like:
GIMP can run on pretty much all hardware but here are our recommendations.
That way people who have never used GIMP understand that they might be able
to run it but they might not have the best experience and it's their
hardwares fault not GIMP's.  I don't know what hardware to recommend but I
do think that we should recommend something.
On Apr 4, 2016 12:28 PM, "Øyvind Kolås" <pippin gimp org> wrote:

On Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 4:19 PM, Partha Bagchi <partha1b gmail com> wrote:
Also, I would think that nondestructive
editing would be high on the list (Photoshop's "Smart Objects").

If I am not mistaken, Alex has already mentioned adjustment layers
times in past as a requirement/missing feature in GIMP.

One of the primary reason some of us have has as motivation for
working on GEGL and its integration in GIMP for more than a decade is
not high bit depth support, but non-destructive editing features like
"adjustment layers" and "smart objects". As has been communicated
repeatedly; GIMP-2.10 and 3.0 are planned to have feature parity with
GIMP-2.8, and let the integration of GEGL as well as GEGL itself
mature with that - before experimenting with more non-destructive
features; non destructive user experiences with GEGL are - and have
been - experimented with outside the GIMP code base.

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