Re: [Gimp-developer] Gitlab as a replacement for

Just agreeing with a few of Ofnuts' points:

Ofnuts writes:
- communications with users: forum, etc. Mail notification necessary

+1. With the current setup, I remember going to a page I'd made for
one of my plug-ins and discovering there was a question there from
four years earlier that I'd had no idea about.

- ability to share/transmit ownership

Good one!

- I don't think this system should be a place to maintain/share the source
code. We could however enforce a FOSS/CC discipline and require the source
files to be provided (for some assets, this could mean the original XCF/SVG

I like the experiments Pat has been doing with making links inside a
repo that link to other repos. If the GIMP plugin repository can
include files from a developer's site on github or wherever,
that solves the problem of developers who are actively improving
a plugin but forget that they also need to update the version on
GIMP's repository.

- straightforward, no-questions-asked downloads
- easy registration for forums
- semi-anonymous use of forums (guest mode without registration, but with
some more hurdles such as captchas)
- search capabilities

- browse capabilities, by category or keyword: browsing all the
  plugins in the color category isn't the same as searching for
  everything that has the word "color" anywhere in the description,
  a major problem with the previous plug-in repository. And maybe
  also by date: browse the recently added plugins.


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