Re: [Gimp-developer] Gitlab as a replacement for

Off the top of my head, three points of view on such a thing:

- good spam prevention (IP banning, lock on keywords, approval of first post...) - malware prevention. This could be a trust system (but don't forget that even trustable persons could have their account hijacked). Reviewing SCM/PY is easy. Reviewing C is more complex, because we have to check that the binary is indeed matching the source we review, or we have to rebuild it (for all platforms...).
- easy user management

- decent registration procedure
- ease of publication (that goes a bit against security/spam, so a balance should be found) - statistics (I'm a sucker for download stats, especially when they show me that my more popular scripts aren't the ones I think; so far nothing beats SourceForge...) - ability to document things easily: formatting with markdown or BBCode, including support for images. Ability to upload text and images from my PC (v.s. editing in a web page) is a plus
- communications with users: forum, etc. Mail notification necessary
- ability to share/transmit ownership
- I don't think this system should be a place to maintain/share the source code. We could however enforce a FOSS/CC discipline and require the source files to be provided (for some assets, this could mean the original XCF/SVG file...) - Human-readable, permanent URL to homepage so that it can be posted on other sites

- straightforward, no-questions-asked downloads
- easy registration for forums
- semi-anonymous use of forums (guest mode without registration, but with some more hurdles such as captchas)
- search capabilities

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