[Gimp-developer] Portable development environment for GIMP

Hello devs and users,
I want to lower the barrier of entry of GIMP development for people who
want to contribute to GIMP.

I just made a quick set-up development environment for GIMP.  This way new
developers can get their first build of GIMP in minutes (depending on
internet connection) rather than hours of dependency discovery.  ***It
takes the pain out of building GIMP for the first time**.*



   1. Install vagrant https://www.vagrantup.com/
   2. Clone: git clone https://github.com/samrocketman/vagrant-gimp
   3. cd vagrant-gimp
   4. vagrant up
   5. Log in with username: vagrant, password: gimp

It will automatically provision Debian Jessie 64-bit, upgrade the OS,
install all GIMP development dependencies, and build GIMP.  It builds babl,
gegl, and gimp from the master branch.

After logging in, open a terminal and open the latest development version
of GIMP by typing "gimp-2.9".

All of the GIMP user settings are stored in ~/.config/GIMP/2.9.

Right now only babl, gegl, and gimp are cloned.  Some other ideas I have
around this include cloning all of the GIMP project repositories (including
the website, etc.).

Please tell me your thoughts/feedback/ideas.

SAM (irc nickname samrocketman)

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