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I don't believe it would be possible to use server-side detection since
we're using Pelican.

It could be easy to do some auto-OS detection though. I am a JS developer
if you want my help doing that. Jquery makes it easier but I could try to
code a solution by hand to avoid including it if that's important to the

On Tue, Sep 1, 2015 at 9:31 AM, Akkana Peck <akkana shallowsky com> wrote:

Pat David writes:
Pat> Downloads Page
Pat> I'm a bit conflicted about this.  I understand that we used to use
Pat> to try and guess the OS the visitor was on, and present them with a
Pat> sub-section of the downloads page.
Pat> I am almost thinking that perhaps we can simply present users with
Pat> marked links at the top of the Downloads page to choose which OS they
Pat> like a download for?  Any objections to going this route?

Andrew Pullins writes:
Andrew> Please, please, please do this. after seeing other sites do this I
Andrew> stand when a site shows me every single OS option out there.
Andrew> has a really nice download page
Andrew> <
Andrew> Not only does it give you a great big download button for your OS
but it
Andrew> but it gives you the option to download it through torent, slect a
Andrew> OS, change the version you are downloading, provides source code,
[ ... ]

Pat David writes:
Pat> Do you mean to do the auto-OS detection, or to not?

I wasn't sure either, but it's worth noting that the libreoffice
download page at
(I'm not sure if that's the same page as the one Andrew likes --
different URL) doesn't need javascript or jquery for OS detection.
Even with noscript, it correctly shows me a download button for Linux
x86. Presumably it's doing server-side checking of the browser's

Personally, I'd be fine with Pat's suggestion of just having links
at the top, but server-side user agent detection is a nice touch.

Andrew> There are only two things I could suggest is that this site is not
Andrew> responsive and that is becoming a big thing right now.  don't know
how much
Andrew> more work it would be to do that but it would be nice.

Pat> The site is actually responsive. Try looking at it on a mobile screen,

On the Downloads page, the page content is responsive but the image
at the top forces the page to 900px wide. Maybe that's what Andrew
is talking about? The rest of the site is very responsive.

One other issue: the webfonts in the toolbar at the top look awful
in either Firefox or Chromium on Debian unstable. Debian seems to
have a problem in general with rendering webfonts -- I've seen it
on other pages that use them. Screenshot:

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