Re: [Gimp-developer] Status Update on Redesign

I love these ideas. I'm wondering if they wouldn't all fit better on a
page of some sort that can highlight results from the community. I have
mostly been focusing on translating the old site first and foremost, and
enhance the site with pages as everyone agrees it might be fun to do. We
may have to put a section on the front page ("Community" maybe?) that
link to a page of submitted, high quality content.

Yah this would be a good idea. I know that Inkscape, Mypaint, Krita,
Blender, and even Alchemy has a page that shows off what their software can
do. We had a discussion not too long ago about dethroning Photoshop and
something one of the guys mentioned that he does to get people to use it is
to show them a animated gif of what GIMP can do.  He said that once people
see that GIMP can do a lot of what Photoshop can they actually give GIMP a
try.  It would be nice to see some photo manipulation as well as digital
painting on the site.

+ "Interviews" -- with people the is using GIMP as professional tool
(photographers, painters, illustrators, designers, schools, cases,
print-services, universities, etc.);

This reminds me of the GIMP magazine. I think that the magazine although I
don't think it is an official GIMP project should be showcased on the main
website.  This would give people who use GIMP a great resource and promote
the magazine.  Each issue could be presented letting people know about the
new release. They are up to like 12 now. They have a lot of interviews from
people who use GIMP every day.

Please, please, please do this. after seeing other sites do this I can't
stand when a site shows me every single OS option out there.

Do you mean to do the auto-OS detection, or to not?

I meant pealse auto-OS detection. I think it looks much better for a site
to know what OS I am running and then show me the links I need.

There are only two things I could suggest is that this site is not
responsive and that is becoming a big thing right now.  don't know how much
more work it would be to do that but it would be nice.

The site is actually responsive. Try looking at it on a mobile screen,
tablet, or simply resize your browser window. You'll see that the site and
content will adapt to the screen size automatically (I'm particularly proud
of the "High Quality Photo" section, where the text manages to wrap nicely
around the photo subject). I haven't tested yet, but it should pass the
Google mobile/responsive tests they are using to prioritize content in
their searches now (another good reason for the redesign).

Ok I used google chrome's inspect element to re-size the window and it was
not responsive.  Looking at it on my phone I see that it is.

 the second thing is (and I don't know if this is the second step after
converting all pages to the new format) the site does not look like the old
site.  It is immediately noticeable that this site has a new style and it
does not look like the GIMP branding.

This is intentional. I did borrow some colors from the old site, a couple
of images, and Wilber of course, but otherwise I didn't see a benefit in
following the old site too much. Other than Wilber and the occasional
graphic, I didn't think there was a strong branding per se. With that being
said, I will absolutely consider any elements that anyone thinks are
important to branding, and find a way to get it integrated!

Whether we like it or not I think GIMP has a brand and people are used to
it. Brands can but I think keeping some of the old look would be good.

Jesus is my Lord and Savior. Praise be unto God for giving us a way to live
with him.

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