Re: [Gimp-developer] Status Update on Redesign

1. Should we include news items higher up on the page?  I am not quite sure
how best to incorporate news items on the main page.  Possibly as a small
list of headlines to latest posts?  Only the most recent post + a link to
the "News" archive page?  Any thoughts on this?

I think that just the previous news item with a link to the news page would
be best. I really like the way the rest of the sections look. makes it look
much more like a site an artist would like to go to.

2. I was thinking about highlighting the fact that GIMP is extensible
through scripts and plug-ins.  Any input on this that I can add to a
section on the front page?

It would be great to advertise this specially since I don't think the
current site mentions it. It might also be cool to see three or four of the
most populer plugins like you did with the "Key Component in a Desktop
Publishing Workflow" section.  short description and maybe an image showing
it off.

Downloads Page
I'm a bit conflicted about this.  I understand that we used to use jquery
to try and guess the OS the visitor was on, and present them with a
sub-section of the downloads page.

I am almost thinking that perhaps we can simply present users with clearly
marked links at the top of the Downloads page to choose which OS they would
like a download for?  Any objections to going this route?

Please, please, please do this. after seeing other sites do this I can't
stand when a site shows me every single OS option out there.  LibreOffice
has a really nice download page
Not only does it give you a great big download button for your OS but it
but it gives you the option to download it through torent, slect a differnt
OS, change the version you are downloading, provides source code, change
the language of the off line help, gives links to usefull info such as How
do I install LibreOffice?
System requirements, and Extensions as well when you click the link it
redirects you to a donation page. Don't know if you want to do that but it
does remind people that GIMP is made by people taking their time and money
to make GIMP.

There are only two things I could suggest is that this site is not
responsive and that is becoming a big thing right now.  don't know how much
more work it would be to do that but it would be nice.  the second thing is
(and I don't know if this is the second step after converting all pages to
the new format) the site does not look like the old site.  It is
immediately noticeable that this site has a new style and it does not look
like the GIMP branding.

Jesus is my Lord and Savior. Praise be unto God for giving us a way to live
with him.

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