Re: [Gimp-developer] rollApp GIMP usage

On Wed, 27 May 2015, Jehan Pagès wrote:

It also appears as they have code modification, for instance to forbid
saving to users.

They've implemented that by running in a virtualization environment where /home is read-only, not by changing any code: I tested with krita, where you could save to /tmp, just not /home.

Of course this is not an interesting code change, but what may be
interesting is any change they did to have GIMP build on Android (as I
understand that's for Android devices). Note that I never tried to
build GIMP for Android, but I imagine it may not work out of the box,
in which case it means they patched it.

It doesn't run on Android, it's a kind of vnc in a browser that gives you a session on their servers. Performance is reasonable, but there's no wacom support, for instance.

Maybe it could be of some use? Though as you say, if they use outdated
versions of GIMP, this may not be very useful (I doubt it even).

In any case, GIMP being GPL, it is their duty to provide their user
the source code upon demand. It could be just a link to the official
website if they had not modified it, but since they obviously did,
they can't go away with it. This means that any user who actually use
GIMP through their download is entitled to ask them the source code of
their modifications, and they are legally not allowed to refuse it.

Only if they'd distribute gimp, which they, arguably aren't doing.


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