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On 03/30/2015 05:57 AM, Joseph Bupe wrote:
On 29 March 2015 at 23:32, Elle Stone <ellestone ninedegreesbelow com
<mailto:ellestone ninedegreesbelow com>> wrote:

    , would any of the GIMP developers be in a position to make use of
    the collected information?

BIG question ! But I like the idea of the opinion poll at

Certainly, Gimp developers would know what to do with the feedback from
an opinion poll provided someone is willing to take on the task(s).

An opinion poll by its very nature presents a fixed list of options and so necessarily reflects the point of view of the person who writes the poll. What options would you put in an opinion poll?

I'm interested in GIMP 2.9 useability, and specifically in open-ended feedback from users who might want to or already do use GIMP 2.9 because it's a very capable high bit depth image editor.

Yes, people do produce excellent work using an 8-bit image editor. But many kinds of editing simply can't be done using 8-bit precision.

In the real world, light and colors blend linearly. This means that proper blending of colors while editing images or creating digital art *requires* working in a linear gamma color space or on linearized RGB values.

At 8-bit precision, to avoid posterization you necessarily must use a perceptually uniform RGB working space, such as the regular sRGB color space with its "almost gamma=2.2" tone reproduction curve.

Consequently, you get all kinds of color blending "gamma" artifacts when using 8-bit image editors such as GIMP 2.8. The same is true of high bit depth image editors, if you don't use a linear gamma color space when required by the particular editing operation.

You can't even properly white balance an image in a perceptually uniform color space like the regular sRGB color space. If you try (and everyone does try!), you get incorrect and muddy colors, even if you aren't aware of just how incorrect and muddy your "white balanced" colors really are.

Correct white balancing *requires* linearized RGB values.

The CGI people went to high bit precision using linearized RGB values a long time ago, precisely to avoid having to deal with color blending gamma artifacts. People who edit photographs have been slow to realize the problems they create for themselves by working in perceptually uniform color spaces, partly, I'm sure, from lack of access to high bit depth image editors.


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