Re: [Gimp-developer] MWG composite functions & gexiv2

On Fri, Mar 20, 2015 at 12:41 AM, Alan Pater <alan pater gmail com> wrote:
I have been talking with Jim Nelson about adding composite functions
to gexiv2. These would be based on Metadata Working Group guidelines
with the addition of a couple of commonly-requested formats.

Here is a link to the MWG Guidelines:

In the hope of finding a real developer to help with this, I have put
together a quick list of bugs from various projects that, I think,
would benefit from this work. Specifically what I need help with are
writing a few conversion functions, for example from xml to a
separated string. Any volunteers?

// GIMP bugs
        Bug 118202 - [TRACKING BUG] Metadata improvements
        Bug 61499  - easy way to view/edit image metadata (author,
copyright, image title, etc.)
        Bug 727270 - Proposal to add gimp_metadata_set_from_iptc
        Bug 349224 - Creative Commons licenses integration

// Shotwell bugs
        Bug 718518 - Move EXIF date handling logic into gexiv2
        Bug 717172 - view/edit all photo metadata
        Bug 719173 - Read face 'tags' from Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile photos
        Bug 717713 - Shotwell fails to split a comma separated keyword
list during import from XMP-dc:Subject
        Bug 718107 - Xmp.dc.description or Iptc.Application2.Caption
is not imported with accented characters
        Bug 731255 - Inconsistency in reporting date after editing it.
        Bug 735069 - Shotwell overwrites time stamps in metadata when
those are changed outside shotwell

// gexiv2 bugs
        Bug 712463 - Some date formats in the wild do not conform to
EXIF standard.
        Bug 737495 - Add support for Exif.GPSInfo.GPSTimeStamp / Rational [3]
        Bug 723794 - "Unsupported time format" error when loading
image w/ Darwin Core metadata
        Bug 712431 - Add milliseconds to get_date_time() in
        Bug 712430 - GDateTime accessor

// eog bugs
        Bug 515265 - use exiv2 as metadata source
        Bug 719621 - Rotating image destroys XMP and IPTC metadata
        Bug 341653 - Add support for IPTC-NAA
        Bug 699297 - Image Properties should prominently show Title and Comments

// Nautilus bugs
        Bug 729685 - edit, metadata, music, photos.

// sushi bugs
        Bug 730391 - EXIF orientation information incorrectly
interpreted for CR2 (Canon RAW) files

// gthumb bugs
28 bugs found
      Bug 669026 - Changing metadata does not change file modification time
      Bug 456699 - Geotagging on GThumb
      Bug 417824 - Sorting images by Comment Date
      Bug 621478 - Changing EXIF date corrupts the JPEG thumbnail

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