[Gimp-developer] MWG composite functions & gexiv2

I have been talking with Jim Nelson about adding composite functions
to gexiv2. These would be based on Metadata Working Group guidelines
with the addition of a couple of commonly-requested formats.


I can do a lot of the grunt work and testing, but need a hand with
some of the conversions, from xml for example. Who would like to
volunteer to give me a hand?

I think it makes sense to do this work in gexiv2, that way all the
individual applications don't have to maintain duplicate code for
these functions themselves. And by abiding to MWG standards, everyone
doesn't have to reinvent the wheel and come up their own set of common
metadata properties.

Here is a link to the MWG Guidelines:

My thoughts are to also include support for reading proprietary
metadata from ACDSee, as there appears to be a lot of requests from
users of that Windows app to migrate to a Free Software alternative.



On Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 10:19 PM, Jim Nelson <jim yorba org> wrote:

I would like to ask if I should jump and provide patches for MWG composite
tag functions in gexiv2?

That would be great.  I agree with your comment there, this seems to be a

My coding skills are quite basic, but this work looks like a reasonable
match for me. I would need a bit of help with some of the more complex data
conversions. Is this something likely to be incorporated on a timely basis?
Are there resources available to test my work?

Unfortunately, the time I can offer toward gexiv2 is extremely limited.  If
you need help, I would recommend reaching out to other contributors (either
directly or on the gexiv2 mailing  list) for guidance.  In particular, the
GIMP project may be interested in your work, now that GIMP has a hard
dependency on gexiv2.  Michael Natterer and Jehan Pages are the first people
I would contact.

I have gone ahead and added a couple of fields to the existing set_comment
function in gexiv2.

I'll take a look at your patch.

-- Jim

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