Re: [Gimp-developer] Useability enhancement request: unified/expanded file export dialog

That would allow presets for example, that could at once save for the
various icon-sizes needed for
icons in mobile projects bound to a single keystroke. (and having  a
"mark as clean" node available for these presets
could also give an option to the "I do only jpeg exports" shouters)

What you suggest makes perfect sense. I like the "pause for review".

Anyone have additional suggestions for/comments about what might go into an
enhanced file export dialog? Or about whether such a thing is actually

Further elaboration of what one can do when exporting was part of the
motivation of doing initial clean-up work on the architecture level
with separating saving from exporting. Another thing that is useful in
a few scenarios is exporting named sub rectangles of the image (for
creating raster graphics based assets for web/gui themes for

A sketch with some UI ideas around that is here:


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