Re: [Gimp-developer] wtf with the download?

Looks good to me, Gez. Nice work. Only thing: I used the table layout to
prevent wrapping which can be confusing/messy when space is confined.

I could probably have used divs instead of table cells, however the table's
structure was useful, guaranteed to work with whatever layout it's dropped
into, and makes sense both in terms of layout and design metaphor (I merely
left out the column headers for "download link" and "description"

I like your version of the button code better, fwiw.


On Sat, Jun 13, 2015 at 1:26 AM, Gez <listas ohweb com ar> wrote:

El lun, 01-06-2015 a las 01:04 +0100, C R escribió:
Thanks for the comments. For reference, the font styling is the same
that is already deployed throughout the site, the rounded corners
mimic the download button on the front page with the added requirement
that our not contain bitmap graphics, and the color scheme is designed
to fit on with what's there.

As much as possible, I wanted to keep the interface consistent with
the rest of the site. This avoids the new buttons looking out of place
as discussed much earlier in this thread.

If you have a cleaner approach that achieves the same effect, feel
free to submit a patch. I'm not precious about the code.

A few days ago after your design was implemented I provided a patch that
cleans up the markup a bit and makes some minor tweaks to the appearance
of the buttons. The patch wasn't reviewed yet, so I'm leaving this
message in case somebody wants to take a look and give their opinion.

The main difference is that it doesn't use tables and the links
themselves are styled instead of wrapping them with divs. I showed this
to a couple of guys in the IRC channel, and they gave me some useful
feedback about the size of the fonts.
It's true that the "via HTTP" and "via BitTorrent" labels are a bit
small, specially if you use a high resolution display, but I tried to
keep the appearance of your buttons as much as possible.
Also I kept the over color the rest of the links of the site use. It
looks ok on the teal background, but it doesn't look so good on the
orange one.
Maybe that has to be changed too.



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