Re: [Gimp-developer] wtf with the download?

Thanks for the comments. For reference, the font styling is the same that
is already deployed throughout the site, the rounded corners mimic the
download button on the front page with the added requirement that our not
contain bitmap graphics, and the color scheme is designed to fit on with
what's there.

As much as possible, I wanted to keep the interface consistent with the
rest of the site. This avoids the new buttons looking out of place as
discussed much earlier in this thread.

If you have a cleaner approach that achieves the same effect, feel free to
submit a patch. I'm not precious about the code.


On 1 Jun 2015 00:16, "Gez" <listas ohweb com ar> wrote:

El dom, 31-05-2015 a las 17:14 +0100, C R escribió:
It does say "via BitTorrent" on the teal link.
There's a good case to be made for just listing the torrent file as a
smaller text-link after the orange download button, though. If I had my
way, we would not be listing a torrent at all for windows users, as
are far too many things that can go wrong for that platform. However,
trying to present a solution that everyone is okay with. Esp the
who will, in the end, be applying these patches to the site. Most of the
devs have been supportive of keeping the torrent link (at least as)
prominent as the direct download link.

I just followed the previous posts and I confirm that it looked bad
before you trimmed the text as Michael said.
Now text fits, but the problem wasn't the length of text but its font.

font-family: Segoe,Myriad,Tahoma,"Trebuchet MS",sans-serif;

I guess you have one of the listed fonts installed so you can't see how
it looks when it falls back to sans-serif, which is the font Micheal and
I are seeing (and everyone who doesn't the MS fontos or Myriad).

I don't think it's a good idea to use those fonts. If you want something
better-looking that system sans-serif, you should use webfonts in order
to make sure that what people see is what you intended, otherwise it's a

On the other hand, the html you used is a bit messy. It's not completely
wrong and it probably validates, but it's unnecessarily convoluted.
First of all: don't use tables for layout.
Also don't put stuff in divs, style them directly.
You could style the "a" element itself and float it to the left with
CSS, and you could remove all the divs and the tables.
Just do this:
<a href="http://Package-GIMP-windows-stable-jernej";
class="button-http">Download GIMP<span>Via HTTP</a></a>

With that html alone, and styling the a.button-http class
(and .button-http span) you're done
Make them float to the left of the paragraph and you get the same with a
fraction of the markup.
If you're in doubt just poke me or check the Visual Formatting Model
docs at W3C

Finally, on a personal note, I think the rounded corners for buttons
look a bit dated. The current trend for this kind of stuff seems to be
no rounded corners at all or a very small radius.

Thank you for taking care of this. Let me know if you need a hand.


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