[Gimp-developer] Stealing and Selling your products on Ebay


I bought a disc that I was led to believe was a Professional Photo Editing
Software Disc like what you'd go and buy in any computer store, in a nice
new box with instruction etc. the sort of thing if you went and bought a
windows dics.

When it arrived there was no box and the item was sent in a cardboard disc
envolope, when I opened it I was shocked to see that it was a disc which
was white with printed words on it from a printing machine, basically the
same as when they copy films and do the same thing.

I went online and typed in all the details of what they had on the disc and
though I would email you straightaway as this is going to be getting you a
seriously bad name, and he's been doing this for quite sometime, with over
530 so far.
This ebay user is copying all your free downloads, and then he's printing
them onto discs and selling them, I'm not sure of all the prices but the
one I bought was £5.  He has 13 items on his sale list, all copies.

If you would like to track him and have a word with him I am more than
happy to give you his details,  They will be enclosed at the bottom of this
I have been looking for something like Photoshop but much cheaper for a
long time and when he said he had a disc that is the same as Photoshop but
much cheaper, in fact when I think about it now the price was to good to be
true, but looking at his advert I thought it was all legit.
I am a photographer looking for a good programme where I can change
backgrounds etc and have been struggling to find one anywhere other than
photobucket, so when I saw his and the pictures where he'd changed pictures
backgrounds etc. I couldn't believe my luck and bought it straightaway.

I am reporting him to Paypal to get my refund but I am going to report him
to Ebay tomorrow to and tell them that I've also reported the matter to
yourselves as I've reported ads in the past like this and never seen any
prompt action so I thought telling you might make them do something about
this seller.
I know people want to make money, I so for sure being disabled after an 8
year battle with cancer and radiation disease, its hard to get out and
about to get pictures that I want but I wouldn't go around stealing other
peoples pictures and selling them, so I get a bit frustrated when other
people can't make an honest living and they think stealing programmes and
software is the way to go.

Anyway here are all the details you need to find this guy

Professional Photo Editing Software - alternative to Photoshop

Seller information
bluegap1111 <http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/bluegap1111?_trksid=p2047675.l2559> (
 [image: Feedback score: 539])
I hope you can do something with this, even just give him a scare, though I
don't think that will stop him looking at his sales.

I hope I've helped in someway.

Your sincerely ​

Dee Trueman

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