[Gimp-developer] (Meta) Enhancement requests on this list or in Buzilla first?

Hello, GIMP developers:

I've recently started using, and then immediately figuring out how to write plug-ins for, GIMP. My deepest thanks to all the developers who built this massive and extremely useful piece of software. You are awesome!

I have identified three things I would like to see enhanced in the gimp-load-pdf-file plug-in. My meta-question is, should I start by launching discussion threads about those enhancements on this dev list? Or should I file enhancement requests in Bugzilla first?

In <http://www.gimp.org/bugs/> it says, "An enhancement request should never be filed without prior discussion on the gimp-developer mailing list. This is to make sure that the enhancement requests that are filed are well-specified and aligned with the overall goals the developers have for GIMP."

But in <http://docs.gimp.org/2.8/en/gimp-introduction-bugs.html> it says something different: "The procedure for making an enhancement request—that is, for asking the developers to add a missing feature—is nearly the same as the procedure for reporting a bug [i.e. file it in Bugzilla at the start]. The only thing you do differently is to mark the report as an “enhancement” at the appropriate stage, as described below. "

(This discrepancy is itself a documentation bug, and I'll bring it up on the gimp-docs-list.)

Briefly, my enhancement requests are:
1. Add resolution parameter to gimp-load-pdf-file() function, and respect it in non-interactive calls
     (presently resolution is hard-coded to 100 dpi).
2. When loading PDF file, look inside file to see if there is a big image of a particular resolution. If so, make that the default resolution. (Adobe Photoshop does this, it's very nice.) 3. load_dialog() [file-pdf-load.c:1061] returns some parameters to caller via global variable loadvals.
     IMHO it would be even better to return this via a pointer paramter.

I'm happy to go into more details in list threads and/or Bugzilla entries, as appropriate.
Which would you prefer?

    --Jim DeLaHunt, jdlh jdlh com     http://blog.jdlh.com/ (http://jdlh.com/)
      multilingual websites consultant

      157-2906 West Broadway, Vancouver BC V6K 2G8, Canada
         Canada mobile +1-604-376-8953

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