[Gimp-developer] gimp.org domain has been renewed, DNS updates are still happening

Hi there,

I guess most of you have noticed that the *.gimp.org services had not been available yesterday.
In fact, everything was running just fine, but it wasn't reachable - the gimp.org domain had expired on 
2015-08-03, so www.gimp.org, download.gimp.org and irc.gimp.org didn't resolve to an IP address.

If this happens, the domain registrar changes the DNS entries to point to a different IP.

The domain has now been renewed, and the DNS is updating to the correct IP address. Depending on how long 
this takes for the DNS server you are using, you might still see the "Domain not activated" message for some 

If you are puzzled by the technical terms in the part above, you#ll find an explanation of DNS at 

If you are looking for download mirrors, you can grab them directly from the downloads list source file:


(lines starting with a # are commented out and do not appear in the currently active list, this is either 
because those mirrors might not be up-to-date, or that I didn't get around to enabling them again [besides 
merely commenting them in again, this also involves setting up rsync access for them])

P.S. yes, our website is stored in version control - meaning that contributing content via patches is possible

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