Re: [Gimp-developer] Asking for a Miracle !?

C R <cajhne <at>> writes:

If we are assuming "de-throne" means "to replace as what people think of as
a photo editor", then it's more a matter of marketing than anything related
to feature parity. Most people wouldn't know what features were "missing"
in GIMP to compare in the first place. Most of the companies I work with
are still rocking Adobe CS3, and clearly care nothing at all about new
features, for example.

Gimp is yet to achieve feature parity with Photoshop 5. not CS5 - just 5.
from 1999. And most pro users will not use anything missing features from
around CS2. 

Krita has most or all of them, by the way, and possibly some featues
photoshop doesn't even have, I'm not sure. If it's not a photoshop-killer
already it's certainly on its way. 

Gimp *could* re-brand itself as a simpler solution for amateurs, but for
that it would have to work on simplicity and even lose some features.

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