[Gimp-developer] Gimp in private schools and educational institutions

Hi, my name is Sam and I have been involved in several projects ranging
from art classes in public schools to local art communities around Austin.
I am a Linux person and use Gimp for everything.  I keep running across the
same problem though.  The name Gimp is offensive to people and suggests
inferiority to Photoshop.  In my experience, institutions would much rather
pay for a professional product than teach a class to children involving
gimps.  Which is also inappropriately associated with BDSM sex.  Either way
it's looked at.  A product called Gimp can't be used by a public or private

Is there any thought on salvaging the marketing effort and renaming this
product so that it can be taken seriously by people and institutions?
Also, a big barrier to entry adopting Linux for people is a solid graphic
manipulator.  The bad branding is causing many people in my art communities
around Austin to avoid Linux in general.

What are the plans on renaming and success?

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