Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp in private schools and educational institutions

El mié, 08-04-2015 a las 12:58 -0500, Sam Bagot escribió:
Hi, my name is Sam and I have been involved in several projects ranging
from art classes in public schools to local art communities around Austin.
I am a Linux person and use Gimp for everything.  I keep running across the
same problem though.  The name Gimp is offensive to people and suggests
inferiority to Photoshop.  In my experience, institutions would much rather
pay for a professional product than teach a class to children involving
gimps.  Which is also inappropriately associated with BDSM sex.  Either way
it's looked at.  A product called Gimp can't be used by a public or private

Is there any thought on salvaging the marketing effort and renaming this
product so that it can be taken seriously by people and institutions?
Also, a big barrier to entry adopting Linux for people is a solid graphic
manipulator.  The bad branding is causing many people in my art communities
around Austin to avoid Linux in general.

What are the plans on renaming and success?

Hi Sam, this issue has been brought here a lot of times, and the answers
are pretty much the ones you already got: GIMP is an acronym, and is not
going to be changed.
I have a suggestion, though: Since this seems to be a problem that only
affects people from the USA, why not looking for some volunteers from
that country to contribute with code or some money for an optional patch
that provides and easy way to remove the name GIMP from the UI,
replacing it for a different one?
For instance, you could call the program "Wilber", which is the name of
the project's mascot. There are rumors that Wilber is not a dog, but a
GIMP. But nobody has to know it :-)

Now, seriously. What do devs think about this idea? If somebody provided
a good patch for building GIMP easily with a different name as an
option, would you accept that patch?
In that case, a document with instructions for building the official
GIMP with its name changed, linked from the FAQs would be a quick answer
for these recurring inquires about a name change.


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