Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp in private schools and educational institutions

On Wed, 2015-04-08 at 12:58 -0500, Sam Bagot wrote:
 A product called Gimp can't be used [in schools]

Although GIMP can be used in at least some schools, I agree with your 

These conversations always seem to run the same course:

A: the name GIMP is offensive to me, or to people with whom I work. B: 
No. The name GIMP is not offensive.
A: yes it is.
B: It doesnt offend me, and your opinion doesn't matter to me. A: We 
like the name. Bye.

For my own part I have some hesitation - for example, I am not about 
to go to a meeting on making the Web accessible to people with special 
needs while wearing a "GIMP" tee-shirt, and obviously can't promote 
GIMP usage too openly at work. If it was called "Wilber", or maybe 
"Nazi" or "Spic" or "Hun"... hmm, no, not those last three perhaps, 
but Wilber would be OK.

The "brand" argument doesn't really cut much ice - plenty of other 
Free and proprietary applications have been renamed in the past, and 
the publicity can increase visibility.

Maybe instead of GIMP 3.0 we could have a Goat Rainbow 1.0 or 

But then you get into endless discussions about the name.

In the meantime, for school use, could you refer to the program as the 
GNU Image Manipulation Program, and if people comment on GIMP explain 
it's short for the longer name as that's too long to use everywhere?

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