[Gimp-developer] square feet & close up window

Since photoshop does not have here are 2 suggestions to put into the program.

1 close up window
To have a second window which tracks where the mouse is to see with pixel
perfect accuracy where you position your curser to edit the picture in pixel
perfection quickest. The standard way is to select where you want to edit,
then zoom in, move the curser to edit with pixel precision, then zoom out.
Which may seem like 3 steps but you have to also move and select the options
which can make you loose time and your location. So anywhere the mouse goes
the other window has at the center the mouse pointer fixed on it so that you
see the big picture zoomed out on the main screen while the other window
tracks close up where the mouse it.

2 square feet
The other suggestion is to to able read the square foot of a blueprint since
every software on the market is slow expensive and they do not work well,
fast, and not user friendly. Just trace the area which can be 100 pixies by
100 pixies to be 10,000 pixies and have the ability to convert it to square
feet which is not hard which many programs do it but they do not do it all
at one time despite they are both simple options. The other is to use the
flood tool to cover an area to get the pixel area to be converted to square
feet. Have it that each color that floods the area can be summed up since if
3 rooms on a blueprint are flooded with the color blue, it states the pixies
area which converted to square feet tells you how much flooring type is
needed. What would take seconds to do on this can take hours for other
programs to do not including the long tutorials they suggest and the $1000
price some ask for.
The same with length to know how long something is if its 360 pixels long
its one foot.

So many programs suck in the market and are over priced which can not do the
job which makes me wonder if they ever used other programs to understand
basic user inferfances. bad enough 3d architect programs are too basic and
clunky or the ones that you can do anything area over complicated that would
need years to remember and master to just do a simple design which other
programs do. Googles sketchup can also do a lot but also falls short on many
aspects. There is a way to make 3D images and blueprints easily and very
fast, but everyone seems stuck in the standard to copy the bad methods which
they are slowly getting better which in that speed wait another 20 years for
them to implement basic things. Sometimes one program can do what another
can not and falls short while another that can do can not do what another
basic programs use. Having to learn multiple programs at ones makes you
realize time and time again that collaboration and getting inspiration from
others is something companies do not do which almost sets themselves up for
failure in the long run.


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