Re: [Gimp-developer] square feet & close up window

ws writes:
1 close up window
To have a second window which tracks where the mouse is to see with pixel
perfect accuracy where you position your curser to edit the picture in pixel
perfection quickest. The standard way is to select where you want to edit,
then zoom in, move the curser to edit with pixel precision, then zoom out.
Which may seem like 3 steps but you have to also move and select the options
which can make you loose time and your location. So anywhere the mouse goes
the other window has at the center the mouse pointer fixed on it so that you
see the big picture zoomed out on the main screen while the other window
tracks close up where the mouse it.

I'm not completely sure I understand what you're asking for, but you
may want to check out View->New View. You get another window pointed
at the same file, and assuming you're not using single-window mode,
you can view both at the same time. Try using one view at 100% and
the other view at, say, 600%, so you can see each pixel as a big block.
You can see what pixel you're changing and at the same time, see what
the normal-sized image looks like. It's great for editing small icons.

2 square feet

When I google [[ gimp measure area ]], I get a lot of hits suggesting
that there are ways to do this already using the Histogram dialog.
If you wanted the conversion too, that would be relatively easy to
implement as a plug-in, and it looks like there are some available


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