Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp just shows up as gray rectangle with rulers around

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Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2014 21:17:30 -0700
From: YUMIKO <oyumiko_1 msn com>
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Subject: [Gimp-developer] Gimp just shows up as gray rectangle with
        rulers  around
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HI\I am a mac user and my os is o mavarick.I downloaded gimp and opened it
up to find the gray rectangle with gimp logo in the middle and rulers
around.There are no bottuns to edit photos at all, nothing.
Can you help me?


I'm not tremendously familiar with the shortcuts and interface as they
exist on Mac systems. If you've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling
and are getting the same behavior, it might be that you've got some odd
settings making their way into your configuration initially, and you just
need to overwrite them.

This may fail if the menubar is hidden, but on Windows, F10 raises the File
menu, after which it should be possible to navigate over with arrow keys
(or mouse?) and re-open any dialogs which have been hidden (Window menu's
dropdown). If it gives you a Recently Closed list, then great... if not,
then Layers, Channels, Paths, Tools, and Toolbox dialogs are the most
commonly used.

Right-clicking will give the same options as the top menubar, for me, even
with no image open.

The Tab key hides all dialogs except for the main window, so try tapping
that to see what happens.

Most View settings, such as Hide/unhide Menubar are disabled until you are
editing a piece, so you may ⌘O or ⌘N to open an existing piece or create a
new one after specifying dimensions.

If you're getting any response from keyboard shortcuts, the user settings
for your install are probably just weird, but should save on exit if you
change it to a layout you like.

If no shortcuts or menus are working, you may have a bad install,
program-conflicts, registry-issues, missing dependencies, etc. Let us know
the symptoms.

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