Re: [Gimp-developer] [Gegl-developer] babl roadmap

Christopher Curtis (ccurtis0 gmail com) wrote:
I'll admit that this discussion is way over my head, but as it seems to
involve only two people would it be better handled over a phone call? It
appears that there are some basic assumptions that aren't in alignment.

While it certainly could be more concise, the discussion has helped me
tremendously with my glimpse into gegl/babl. So while the
misunderstandings might be easier to overcome within a phone call
keeping the discussion on the list helps with potentially getting the
concepts out there to more people.

That having said, meeting people in person *is* tremendously helpful and
I'd like to extend pippins invitation to the LGM (next year in Toronto)
to everybody who is interested in discussing these topics with e.g.
pippin and me. There will be funds available to help bring people


              simon budig de    

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