Re: [Gimp-developer] [Gimp-user] Test images and test suite (was Re: GIMP should fork babl and GEGL)

On 11/13/2014 09:51 AM, Jehan Pagès wrote:
I take it as given that Pat, Jehan, and myself will do the actual work of
assembling the images, yes? And all three of us will also contribute test
images. We each have websites so we can put up pages with thumbnails of
suggested test images for consideration.

Well for the "contribute test images" part, I'm not a photographer. I
have a good enough Canon camera and I can try to shoot some objects
with RAW on request though, but I won't guarantee the art quality for
these. Though you'll say that's not the purpose of this test set
anyway. :P

Well, I think it's asking a lot to expect a test image to also be artistically pleasing, except for maybe for people's faces, and Pat David makes really good photographs of people's faces.

For the rest, yes, I can help organize, host if necessary, put up a
small website (nothing fancy, I'm not really into web UI design) or

If you are willing to put together a small website, that would be wonderful. Simple is better than complicated.

To allow for displaying and sorting through potential test images, I think jpeg image "large thumbnails" would suffice and would minimize demands on your server.

For actual storage and distribution of a finished pack of test images plus associated raw files, server demands would go up. So that's a separate issue to be addressed.

Also we should probably broaden the user list to encompass other FLOSS
graphics projects which would also be interested and can provide user
input and well as contribute photos. I don't think it should stay a
GIMP-only project.


As for gathering user input for instance, if every potential
interested project (GIMP, ImageMagick, Krita, G'Mic... are the ones
I'd think without much searching) would make a blog post to ask user
input and later user raw photos once we got the input, we could have a
usable test image set in no times (which can anyway always improve
with time and more user input).

I think the first step would be a small simple page to present the
project with a way to contact us. We could have a basic survey there
"what are you looking for when you want test image and for what
purpose?". I can do such a thing.

Sounds good to me.

It might be nice to put up a page of sample test image "large thumbnails" comprising a mix of synthetic test images, colorful subjects, and faces. And we could include a list of links to existing useful but copyright-encumbered test images to give people an idea of the kinds of test images we'd like to put together.

I can supply thumbnails of some of the synthetic and colorful test images that I've put together. Would "512px max dimension jpegs" be a good size?

The thumbnail images wouldn't represent any composite test images. But once we have a good set of images to work with, suitable composite test images would be easy to put together.

Then we can redirect people to this URI anytime, and ask projects to
do blog posts. Because staying email-only is a way to have the project
end up in limbo with time passing.

Then at some point, we go to the "gathering step" where we ask users
to send raw photos, ask them to accept the licensing (I would agree
with CC by and CC by-sa personally), and ask them to get the explicit
agreement of the model (maybe with a written agreement scan even?).
And of course we could present what we already have.

For the decisions on exact contents, I would let any of you in charge
though, since I am not the best fit to decide.

That's a place where input from users would be really, really helpful. Otherwise the people putting together the test images don't know what other people would find useful.


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