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On Thu, Nov 13, 2014 at 2:32 AM, Pat David <patdavid gmail com> wrote:

Ah, I did mean to link something, but thank you for linking my Flickr
account.  Note that for the most part, I have the RAW files from any of my
photos that I'd be happy to release for whatever purposes are needed.

I also have model releases for all of my images as well, and can include
them as needed (there might need to be some discussion surrounding how that
release is made available and in what context as they contain probably
sensitive information regarding the models themselves).

Yes I wanted to make a point about this as well, and I forgot. Thanks
for reminding. On the legal point of view, I think we will need to
1/ the explicit agreement of the photographer (licensing);
2/ the explicit agreement of the model (or their legal representative,
i.e. parents usually when they are underage) if there are human being
shown and recognizable in the photograph.

This way, we make sure to have photos usable under any circumstances.
That's more bothering, but better be safe than sorry.

To Elle's point about licensing, I can make them CC-BY(-SA) as appropriate.

To Elle's other point about color, I would imagine that the most desirable
solution would be to host the actual RAW files themselves (hopefully from a
variety of capture sources/cameras).  Any further work around conversion
should probably be noted as needed to effectively reproduce the results.

More importantly, if there is a consensus reached about certain types of
test images, I am also available to shoot new ones specifically for the
purpose.  I can rent other cameras/bodies as needed to support multiple
capture sources.  Please don't hesitate to ask if there's something that
may prove useful (I may not be coding, but perhaps I can at least help out
in this way).

Well if that costs you money (renting camera/model) and is done for
this specific task, I would be for crowdfunding a bit. Unless that's
not your sole purpose and you are planning to use these photos somehow
Otherwise I don't think we are in a hurry, and the set can also be
gathered slowly with time and patience (when a photograph hires a
model or is hired for some usual shooting purpose, one can just ask
the model if he'd accept some photos, and which ones, to be used in a
test set).


pat david
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